by Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE, CAPP, CPPC

You know how I’ve written about one of the surest ways to get something done is to have an accountability partner?

Well, I’m asking you to be my accountability partner.

You see, I’m writing a book about what it’s like to be the mom of two gay sons.

Essentially, the book will be an expansion of my HuffPost article.

And the best part is that our whole family is going to collaborate in writing the book.

As with all things, we have each approached our circumstances over the past eleven years each from our unique world views. 

And we want to present all of these world views to you.

From this, the reader will learn various perspectives – from mine as the mom, to both of our sons’, their father’s, as well as their sister’s perspectives.

We have big dreams for the families of LGBTQ children as well as those who identify as LGBTQ.

For now, I’m calling the book “The Love Project” because I don’t have a title yet and worrying about the book’s title is just one more excuse I could use to put off writing.

And I have procrastinated writing “The Love Project” enough!

What have I been doing instead? 

Working on writing a gratitude journal.


Because writing a gratitude journal is safe. And writing about those times when I wasn’t the best of humans is scary. So, in essence, my fear has been blocking me from writing this important book.

The irony in my stalling?

My quote, “Confidence is built on the shoulders of action”, stares at me from the wall right outside my office.

I laughed when I recognized the irony. And from this, I decided to get over myself and begin taking imperfect action (writing the chapter drafts) trusting that my confidence will grow as I progress.

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Office with quote on the door

What am I asking of you???

Will you please ask me about my writing consistency, my timeline, or any other questions that will keep me accountable to do what I say is important – getting this book into the world?

Caring about you,