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My mission is to reveal the untapped power within you so that you begin living the kick-ass life you were born to live.


To do this, I help you:

I believe in your ability to succeed. 

Isn’t it time that you do as well?

I’m Kelly Beischel, a doctorally prepared nurse educator, an applied positive psychology practitioner and applied positive psychology life coach. Most people call me Kelly. Some call me Dr. B. My son’s friend calls me Kelly Pat.

I answer to all of them.

Colleagues, clients, students, friends, and family use words like passionate, loving, brave, intelligentcreative, determined, bold, energetic, and firecracker to describe me.

Probably because they’ve had a front-row seat watching me rebel against:

Professional Stuff

I’ve been a nurse for more than three decades. I was a university professor for 11 years. I loved my students, teaching, researching, and writing. I’ve published manuscripts in Nurse Educator, Western Journal of Nursing Research, and Clinical Simulation in Nursing, QSEN Teaching Strategies, and Learning Communities. My research interests included how anxiety affects learning and testing, how to use simulation to improve learning, and how authority gradients affect safety in healthcare.


I shifted my focus from teaching in the classroom to empowering and equipping people to perform their best under high-stakes pressure – whether that pressure comes from work, family, or society – and I help them thrive while doing it. 

I have first-hand knowledge about what it’s like to be anxious out of your mind when under high-stakes pressure and I know how to turn that around.

I know how hard it is to put yourself out there and fail. Most importantly, I know how to get back up to fight for the success I want.

Learning the evidence-based tools and techniques it takes to thrive was clutch.

Because struggling is overrated.

Imagine if you… 

Well, you can have all of these things (and more).


If you’re seeking connection with someone who’s fired up about helping you to get your life back or taking your life to a new level,

you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for more than uplifting pep talks and you seek real-life, proven strategies that you can implement from day one,

come on board.

If you’ve been looking for someone who will listen to your unique challenges and will support you in doing what you love and loving what you do,

welcome home.

If you seek a coach who will move you from riding it out to thriving it out,

I’m your girl.

If you’re looking for someone to get you on track to success,

let’s talk.

Personal Stuff

I love music, crafting, dancing, laughing, meditating, walking, reading, journaling, and deep conversations.

My heroes are Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. because they refused to back down when adversity called.

I look up to my children who teach me every day what it means to be authentic to who you are even when the world doesn’t understand you.

My husband, through example, has made me a better person.

I believe we are given gifts to share with the world and that sometimes we need help uncovering our gifts + support in acting on them.

I believe that gratitude raises our energy and opens us up to all kinds of possibilities.

And that being grateful for everything – even the hard stuff – is the key to success.

Now’s the time to reach out and receive the support you need and, quite frankly, you deserve.

Discover what my coaching is like and let’s start getting you what you most want.


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