Refund Policy

The Refund Policy at Dr. B. Presents is straight and simple:

For teleseminars and webinars: Unless otherwise specified on individual event pages the policy is 100% Satisfied or 100% Money Back.

For consultation and workshops: No refund will be given. If you are dissatisfied, though, please email Kelly to discuss the issue. She consistently seeks to improve.

Kelly, or Dr. B., is a real person who loves to hear from you. Much of what she teaches is related to thriving in life. Living up to what she teaches, she doesn’t work into the wee hours of the night nor spend her entire weekend working. She is definitely not here on holidays.

Other than those times, she always tries to respond to your requests within 24 hours…and she trusts that you can do the math if a holiday or weekend day is involved. 🙂

Here’s her best email: [email protected]