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What to do when you want to give up on your goals

By Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE The first quarter of the year has already passed. Crazy, right? How are you doing on what you set out to accomplish this year? If your answer is “not that great”. Giving up on your goals is not the answer.  So many times we get pumped up about our goals at the New Year or at the start of a new semester, making plans to go after what we most desire. And then when the bright, shiny new year fades and we are mired in the real work – the rise and grind – day in and day out – we lose sight of our goals, of what we truly desire. It’s easy to allow ourselves to become derailed from the path of our dreams. It’s easy to forget why we were motivated to take action, to build rest into our schedule, to become healthy …. (insert your desire). And then what happens when we fall off the path? We berate ourselves. We make excuses. Or we say to ourselves things like, “Well, that didn’t work” or “I can’t do that.” or “That’s too hard.” And we give up. If this is you… I want you to know, my friend, that you are not alone. […]

Top 10 Strategies for Finishing the Semester Strong

By Kelly Beischel Walk down any hall in any college and you know the semester is nearing the end. Everyone is stressed! I don’t know about you but I find fall semester especially stressful as the holidays are mixed right in there. In sports, we often allude to leaving it all on the finish line. But do we really want to leave it all on the fall semester finish line ? If we leave it all on the finish line then what will we have left over for our families or for preparing for the holidays? Instead, I propose we finish strong in mind, body, and spirit – with energy left over, to thrive. These ten strategies might help you do just that. In everything give thanks. Yes, that even means giving thanks for being so busy. A smart woman once said to me, “You are torn in so many directions because you have so many choices. Be grateful that you have choices.” Eat right. Eat foods that will nourish you and give you stamina to finish the semester strong. You know the old adage – “Garbage in. Garbage out.” Record lessons. If you’re like me and you wish you had more time to get a few last learning points across but are […]

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