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Are you stunting your learner’s growth?

By Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE The summer is upon us and one would think that I would have vacation on the brain but I can’t keep myself from thinking about teaching and learning. You see, I was shopping in a large, unfamiliar supermarket the other day. I had a meager shopping list yet it took me nearly a decade to navigate the store to find my items. (Ok. I may be exaggerating, but it did feel that way.) If you’ve ever shopped in an unfamiliar supermarket, you know the feeling. I noticed Kroger employees like Shawncea everywhere, pushing big black carts, filling grocery orders. I quickly discovered that I was witnessing the ClickList phenomenon in action. If you’ve not heard of ClickList, you are in for a sweet surprise. A customer uploads an order for groceries using the ClickList Kroger App. These cart pushing magicians then fill the order. The customer drives by, picks up their order of groceries and voila – grocery shopping for the week is complete. I had a serious case of the envies as I slogged up and down the aisles attempting to find the items on my list. In fact, I considered giving my order to one of the nice ClickList associates and begging them […]

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