Universities and Professors

Thank you for teaching our future healthcare providers.

As you and I know though, graduating from your program isn’t enough.

Students must also pass their licensure exam to enter practice.

So, you hope and pray that you taught them enough to be safe practitioners and that they pass their licensure exam.

You want your graduates to pass for their success as well as for your accreditation.

But it’s nerve-wracking when you feel you must teach all the content they need to deliver safe care AND pass a test on which you can’t possibly know which content will be tested.

And when scores drop, blame, shame and guilt run rampant.

I’ve been there. It’s ugly.

Rather than engaging in the blame, shame, and guilt, let me help you.

I can teach you how to use the science of happiness to improve your pass rates as well as the school’s general well-being.

Yes, you just read that correctly, I use the science of happiness.

And it works.

In case that freaks you out, know that I also use the best evidence from cognitive psychology, testing, and mindset research when coaching as well as developing resources and programs.