Students are Passing Their Courses but Failing the NCLEX: Where’s the Gap?

Students are Passing Their Courses but Failing the NCLEX: Where’s the Gap?




“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”    ~ John Dewey

Students need nursing content to pass the NCLEX. True.

     And there’s a lot of it.

     Wouldn’t you agree?

You work so blasted hard to teach your students what they need to succeed.

     It’s easy to feel like you’re a hamster running on a wheel when trying to teach the mountain of content that your students need to pass the NCLEX.

     It can be down right overwhelming, right?

And frustrating. Because we often think, “My students get it. This knowledge is going to stick.”

      But it doesn’t.

There are many reasons for this. How we teach. How we connect. How we test. And on the students’ end. How they engage with the material. How they study. How they practice.

And that’s not all…


Similar to faculty, students are in overwhelm, attempting to cram and memorize that mountain of content.

Yep, they may pass their course exams using this method. 

But, cramming and memorizing NOW won’t help students pass the NCLEX LATER. Because as you and I know, the NCLEX requires clinical judgement – and that can’t be memorized. 

This leads to a sticky situation.

     Students pass their courses but fail the NCLEX.


That’s not good for students, faculty, or your program. 

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice if students passed their courses AND you had no worries about whether they were going to pass the NCLEX?

They need to learn how to connect the dots.

And that’s great.

You know why? Because we are in an awesome position to teach them how. 

Imagine implementing teaching and testing strategies in your classroom and in clinical that prepare your students for the NCLEX and practice, to prepare them to connect the dots.

To prepare them to see the big picture.

To apply this new knowledge in your classroom and on the clinical unit.

And to transfer that knowledge to the next class and further. 

Imagine dropping the worry (while  raising the pass rates.)

Nope, I’m not stuck in a dream world.

I’ve created a teleseminar to help you do just that:

“Students are Passing Their Courses but Failing the NCLEX: Where’s the Gap?”

Your Investment? $39.00 

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Andre photoDr. B. truly cares about her students’ well-being and success. Her teaching method challenges you to use critical thinking just as if you were taking the NCLEX. She understands what it takes to pass.

 ~ Andre Bezzerra

I offer tips, tools, and techniques for addressing the gap

Applying what you learn in this teleseminar will:

Decrease your overwhelm with content

Improve student critical thinking and clinical reasoning 

Expand your teaching strategies in both the classroom and in clinical

Inspire your students to prepare and engage with you, their classmates, and their patients (real and otherwise:))

Improve student success in both your class AND on the NCLEX

Make teaching a heck of a lot more fun! (Now, that’s worth the price of admission, right?)

Your registration includes:

A recording of the webinar that you can download to access anytime you’d like a review.

An awesome packet of handouts to download.

Answers to hard questions.



This teleseminar IS for you if:

  • you’re overwhelmed, trying to deliver all the content students need.
  • you want your students to critically think and clinically reason.
  • you want your students to pass the NCLEX.
  • you want to learn new strategies to engage students for deeper learning. 

This teleseminar  is NOT for you if:

  • you aren’t invested in student success. (But, I know you are. Why else would you be working 50-60 hours a week?)
  • you don’t want students to engage in learning in the classroom or in clinical. 
  • you are already having all the fun you can handle in your courses.


Dube photoHer dedication to teaching and mentoring new nurses is exceptional. Anyone can teach, but she is an Educator, giving you the skill and critical thinking tools to master the situations that you face daily as a new nurse. She uses her skills and knowledge to pursue personal excellence, using it to promote and instill the confidence needed to master any challenge a nursing student faces. Her approach to student success is unparalleled in a field filled with quick fixes to just passing a test.


Melanie Dube


Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

If I don’t teach students all the content they won’t pass the NCLEX.

 I worry that so and so student (you fill in the name) won’t pass the NCLEX.

I want to graduate students who can critically think.

If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts, you’ll want to access this teleseminar.  

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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

~ William Butler Yeats

Let’s light some fire together!

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