I Believe:

That you want more from life.

That you can achieve all that your heart desires.

That you control your happiness + your success.

That confidence is yours for the taking.

That turning your fear into a friend changes everything.

That you have enough to claim the life of your dreams.

That you are enough.

That the key to living a magical life is mastering your mindset and MOJO.

That you can be a badass at whatever you want to be.

That you have one precious life.

And it's time you really live it.

I want to succeed at ...


  • Five words for you: Best. Decision. Of. My. Life. I am so happy I made the decision to go with Dr. B.’s program! I wish I had done it the first time around. Her energy, love and passion for teaching and her clients’ success are unreal! She was a huge motivator for me. Seeing the words ‘Fail’ on my NCLEX results really got me down and questioning things, but Dr. B. helped build me back up. She had the faith in me that I needed.

    Stef McKelvey BSN, RN, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


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