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How to Juggle Your 101 Responsibilities

Kelly P. Beischel PhD, RN, CNE   Imagine you’re at your town festival. Droopy strands of lights are twinkling between telephone poles. Music pours out of the precariously hung speakers.   The air is sticky with the smell of popcorn. A juggler in front of you causes you to stop abruptly in the street. He’s about to juggle a bowling ball, a baseball, and a glass ball. You’re fascinated by his attempt to do the impossible thinking, “There’s no way.” How will he manage to juggle each of these objects successfully? And at the same time? But I bet this isn’t far off from your daily life. Dividing your time between the responsibilities that come with being an academic can feel just as impossible. Right? Your responsibilities, like the juggler’s objects, don’t carry the same weight. The tasks associated with your responsibilities don’t carry the same weight either. We are often caught between which task to do first because they all appear to weigh the same, to have the same priority.  Yet, some tasks are more valuable than others. And some, if not attended to, break more readily than others. There’s good news in this; the year is fresh. The slate is blank. This is the perfect time to reflect on your responsibilities and […]

7 Strategies to Pump Up Your Summer Productivity

By Kelly Beischel You know that I love talking about ways to improve productivity, right? So when the assistant director for our Center for Teaching Excellence asked me if I would present some strategies for having a productive summer to faculty finishing their first year of teaching at our institution, I jumped at the chance.  You see, I know all too well how easy it is to have a summer of pretend. I know how to pretend I don’t have a syllabus to put together. How to pretend I don’t have writing to accomplish. How to pretend I don’t have classes needing a face lift.  And do you know what else I know? When I play pretend all summer, my fall semester is like a scene out of “Nightmare on Elm Street.”   Contrary to what you may believe, using productivity strategies in the summer doesn’t preclude the fun and relaxation you want and need. Rather, it affords you even more fun and relaxation because the time you set aside to work is more productive.Less time is required. Seven Strategies toward Being More Productive Take time to have fun. The summer is a great time to re-create yourself. Be sure to take time to play You will be refreshed and ready to […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Pomodoro Experience!

By Kelly Beischel Learning how to use the Pomodoro Technique has saved my life! Ok, that may be a bit melodramatic. But I rely heavily on this strategy to manage all my tasks! In my previous article, I gave an overview of the Pomodoro Technique. This technique could be used to complete all of the tasks on your to-do list. I’ve listed 10 Strategies here for getting the most out of your Pomodoro filled day: 1. Embrace your inner Ringmaster. Be filled with gratitude that you have such a full plate, that you have various opportunities for creative outlets. 2. Prioritize!! You juggle many balls in your teaching, scholarship and service roles as faculty – not to mention your roles outside of work. Take a moment to think of all the balls you’re juggling. Which balls are made of glass that if dropped would break? These are your priorities. 3. Buy a fun kitchen timer. There are many varieties. I have one in my home office as well as in my university office. 4. I often work in third spaces like bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, and my co-working space. To keep me on task, I use the 30/30 app on my iPhone. 5. DO NOT get up or switch tasks […]

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