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KICKSTART Your Teaching:

Secrets to a Successful Semester   Education, teaching

Taught by 

Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE

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Fall semester is just around the corner. You’re planning for a successful semester.

Fresh faces. New starts. Everything’s bright and shiny.

And then the ooze begins. Time is sucked up. Students are acting out. And you are so fried that you fall back to rapid-fire lecturing.

I would groan when we talked about school starting. Now I think “Oh good I get to teach tomorrow.”  And it’s mid-semester. What happened to me? It’s because of Kelly’s coaching. This isn’t who I used to be. She has worn off on me.

~ Beth Zwilling


At the end of this made-just-for-you teleseminar you’ll be able to:

  • Determine the 3 key elements of a successful semester.
  • Identify the strategic elements of building your syllabus. 
  • Create opening day strategies to foster student engagement.
  • Create an effective topical outline.
  • Incorporate boundaries in your planner to facilitate semester. sustainability.

 Register for this teleseminar and you’ll receive:

  • Important information to start and sustain a successful semester.
  • An MP3 recording of the class so that you can download it and listen whenever and wherever your heart desires.
  • An action pack handout to guide your listening and learning pleasure.

** And you will receive all of this just for accessing this class.

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About Kelly: Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE is a former university professor whose nickname is firecracker. She loves coaching and teaching open-minded educators how to amplify student engagement and  how to reclaim time spent on scholarship, teaching and service. She is committed to helping faculty find joy in the midst of their many challenges so that they live the life they’re meant to live.

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