Healthcare Graduates

You have a dream to care for the vulnerable, to take care of the sick.

You have worked hard, accumulated debt, and are anxious to start fulfilling your dream.

But first, you must achieve the ‘right score’ on your national licensure exam to enter practice because, as you know, our world revolves around numbers.

There’s no getting past it. Yet, when you don’t achieve the ‘right number’ your dreams are squashed.

Well, quite frankly, I’m tired of dreams being squashed!

If you want to pass your entry-to-practice exam:

I’m here for you.

I will teach you strategies to conquer those evil stepsisters called shame, anxiety, and doubt. You know what I’m talking about. Those thoughts that keep you in your head, distracting you from what matters.

I’ll also coach you in testing strategies that will have you asking why they didn’t teach you this in college. How do I know this? Because my clients ask me this question all the time.


I use the best evidence from cognitive psychology, testing, mindset, and happiness research to prepare you to rock your exam.

“Signing up for Dr. B.’s NCLEX Success Coaching Program was the best decision I could have made. I signed up after already failing the NCLEX twice. I felt stuck and lost about what to do next. Dr. B. was what I needed. Without any hesitation, I signed up and began to change my mindset to positive thoughts, I began believing that I am capable of passing the NCLEX. I saw a huge transformation once I began approaching questions as Dr. B. taught me. I did take Kaplan, Uworld, and multiple other courses before working with Dr. B., but the one-on-one interaction I had is indescribable. I would recommend Dr. B.’s NCLEX Success Coaching Program to any graduate nurse for they will not be disappointed.”  ~ Suzanne Norton BSN, RN


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    One on one coaching to help you pass the NCLEX.