Dream Walk™

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The Experience


As a busy female entrepreneur, how often do you make an effort (or have the time) to pamper yourself? And if you aren’t pampering yourself, who IS pampering you?

We suspect you can count the number of times you’ve indulged in pampering yourself on one hand (if not one finger).

And this is a crime.

Thus, we want to spend an evening treating you like the special woman you are.

Not to spoil any of our pampering surprises, but one of them begins with M and ends with assage… 


Have you ever lost sight of why you’re putting your work out there?


Are there days you wonder why you left your corporate job because you’re surely not living the lifestyle you dreamed about?


Perhaps you struggle with confidence that you’re on the right path.


Do you doubt yourself? Your desires? Wonder if what you are doing even matters?


We get it. We’ve been there.

If you were using your gifts and living your dream life, would you love your business and life?

Good, because we want women to love their life and their business.

You were given unique gifts. And the world needs those gifts NOW. 

Our unique, immersive Dream Walk™ experience will inspire and encourage you to keep running after your dreams.

You’ll leave feeling supported and believing your dreams are possible.


You have dreams for our business.

We all do. Yet, sadly, we rarely take time to consider our dreams and where they might lead us.

And sadder yet, many hide their dreams under a bucket, fearful of expressing them.

Fearful of what people will think of your audacious dream to write a book. Will people laugh when I tell them my idea? Will they say, who do you think you are to think you can write a book?

Fearful that your course might have one person register or your store have only one person visit.

Fearful you may not fulfill your dream of success followed by what will people think?

Fearful of what it might take to fulfill your dreams.

You wonder if you have what it takes to accomplish all that you desire.

Come to our Dream Walk™ experience where we will provide the space, time, and prompts to inspire you to create audacious dreams.

You’ll then interact with the other Dream Walk™ participants as your future self – 3 years from now.

You’ll use your dreams to discuss the book you’ve written or the projects you rocked.

You’ll discuss how it feels to be you living the lifestyle of your dreams, how you show up to work with focus and clarity about the work you’re accomplishing.

You’ll tell one another how gloriously it feels to have a store overflowing with customers or a waiting list of people who need your services.

This is a place where you’ll feel safe and connected so that you can begin putting your dreams out into the Universe.

Because let’s face it, if your dreams stay in your head all they’ll ever be are just that, dreams.

Let us help you shift your dreams to become your reality. 


It’s all too easy to forget to celebrate your wins in the day to day craziness of running your business.

Well, we’re having none of that! You got out of bed today to show up and serve your people, community and world. That is worth celebrating.

Show up at the Dream Walk™ where we will celebrate you and your amazing work.


Your Hostesses

(Who Can’t Wait to Pamper You)

Kelly Beischel, Success Coach

Stacy Kessler, Pathfinding Strategist

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