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  • Universities and Professors

    Thank you for teaching our future healthcare providers. As you and I know though, graduating from your program isn't enough. Students must also pass their licensure exam to enter practice. So, you hope and pray that you taught them enough to be safe practitioners and that they pass their licensure exam. You want your graduates to pass for their success as well as for your accreditation. But it's nerve-wracking when you feel you must teach all the content they need to deliver safe care AND pass a test on which you can't possibly know which content will be tested. And when scores drop, blame,…

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  • Healthcare Graduates

    You have a dream to care for the vulnerable, to take care of the sick. You have worked hard, accumulated debt, and are anxious to start fulfilling your dream. But first, you must achieve the 'right score' on your national licensure exam to enter practice because, as you know, our world revolves around numbers. There's no getting past it. Yet, when you don't achieve the 'right number' your dreams are squashed. Well, quite frankly, I'm tired of dreams being squashed! If you want to pass your entry-to-practice exam: I'm here for you. I will teach you strategies to conquer those evil…

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