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How to Kick Procrastination to the Curb: 10 Strategies to Get You Moving

By Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE While autumn is beautiful, it’s a season that can also be ladened with intense yard work. Recently, I helped my husband pull out decaying Black Eyed Susan’s from one of our gardens. From there, I cleaned up the front garden, tossed the spent potted summer flowers, and planted perennial flowers. By the time I was ready to sweep up the mess I had created on the walkways, I was wilting like the flowers I had just tossed. After many hours of tackling the autumn clean-up, I found myself despising my gardens and swearing that I was going to plant plastic flowers next year. I have a love-hate relationship with gardening. Can you tell? My emotions about writing were often the same. You see, I’ve always loved writing. Yet, I perfected the art of procrastinating my writing until it had become a daunting task. A task that had me cursing its existence. UNTIL… I learned a few key strategies about taking action on my writing (or any overwhelming task I attempt to undertake) that have completely transformed my productivity. Key Strategies to Kick Procrastination to the Curb 1. Acknowledge that FEAR is holding you back. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of pain. There […]

Have You Ditched Your New Year’s Resolution?

By Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE Are you tired of hearing the hoopla about making a New Year’s resolution? I am. And I’m really tired of hearing skeptics scoff about how few people follow through. When recently I heard someone state that 46% of people don’t make it past 6 months, I thought, “Well, good for those who tried and made it that long!” Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder why 46% of people give up on their resolutions. Or why 30% of people give up on their resolutions in the first few weeks of the New Year. If you are one of the 30%, all is not lost.  Here are 3 reasons people ditch their New Year’s resolutions and simple strategies to get you back on track. The First Reason January beckons us to begin anew. To throw off bad habits and begin fresh. Wouldn’t you agree? We are so fizzled out after the holidays that by the end of December we’re willing to promise anything to anyone. And this is just what we do. Bad idea! Coming off of the holiday in a frazzled state coupled with depleted energy leads us to make resolutions from a place of lack. A place of scarcity.  You know, from those “I’m not enough.” “I don’t do enough.” “I don’t […]

Jump off the Ferris wheel and take action

By Kelly Beischel I’m an information collecting junkie. There. I’ve said it. I’m addicted to collecting information. Just take a look at my email inbox or my bookshelves and you’ll know it’s true. There is nothing inherently wrong with collecting information UNLESS it thwarts us from taking action. Unless it’s a manifestation of procrastination. I’ve seen my clients and my students plagued by this type of procrastination paralysis. And well …. I’ve been there too. This type of procrastination manifests something like this. See if you’ve ever experienced any of these dreaded symptoms: You’ve collected mounds of research, fervently reading and taking notes. You look very productive. And this is great because being productive provides a sanction to stall:        ~ writing a manuscript,        ~ planning an educational event,       ~ revising an outdated policy and procedure manual,       ~ submitting an abstract to present at a conference. You get the picture, right? You solicit input from colleagues about an idea you have for your classroom, your research, your service project. Yet rather than implementing the idea, you continue to gather input. You study for a certification exam beyond the return on investment. Is it just me or does any of […]

Overwhelmed? 6 Steps to Slashing Perfectionism and Getting More Done

By Kelly Beischel We strive to be perfect. Even when we know it’s impossible. We run toward the illusory idea of being perfect or producing perfection. But, it doesn’t work. And the worst part? We waste a lot of time trying to get there. I have a solution. Just Stop It! (You’ll want to click on this link. It’s life altering!) Perfectionism is a manifestation of procrastination. This is how it manifests: If you spend time finding the perfect graphic for your PowerPoint lecture, you can put off your dreaded test writing. If you spend enough time creating the perfect lecture (think eons), you can put off your academic writing. If you spend an excessive amount of time creating a perfect-everyone’s-going-to love-this-in-class-activity, you can stall grading papers. Now you fill in the blanks. If I spend the time it takes to __________ the perfect ____________, I can put off __________. Yet, the task that you avoided for the past hour is still waiting for you. And what’s worse? The time you had to work on that task is gone. You can see that this perfection-manifestation-of-procrastination strategy is such a time waster, right? You and I have way too much to do to waste a single minute. Just think of all […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Pomodoro Experience!

By Kelly Beischel Learning how to use the Pomodoro Technique has saved my life! Ok, that may be a bit melodramatic. But I rely heavily on this strategy to manage all my tasks! In my previous article, I gave an overview of the Pomodoro Technique. This technique could be used to complete all of the tasks on your to-do list. I’ve listed 10 Strategies here for getting the most out of your Pomodoro filled day: 1. Embrace your inner Ringmaster. Be filled with gratitude that you have such a full plate, that you have various opportunities for creative outlets. 2. Prioritize!! You juggle many balls in your teaching, scholarship and service roles as faculty – not to mention your roles outside of work. Take a moment to think of all the balls you’re juggling. Which balls are made of glass that if dropped would break? These are your priorities. 3. Buy a fun kitchen timer. There are many varieties. I have one in my home office as well as in my university office. 4. I often work in third spaces like bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, and my co-working space. To keep me on task, I use the 30/30 app on my iPhone. 5. DO NOT get up or switch tasks […]

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