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A Rapid Fire Strategy to Stimulate Positivity in the Classroom

By Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE Why ask students what’s new and good in their life? Well, I’ve discovered that infusing positivity at the beginning of classes, meetings, retreats, or coaching calls puts participants in a positive frame of mind. And why is this important? The literature bears out that positive moods produce broader attention, more holistic thinking and more creative thinking in students. How cool is that? Positivity Intervention The intervention is quite simple really. Ask a few students at random “what’s new and good” at the beginning of class. And then wait for their answers.   Additional Benefits Students’ answers give us insight into what’s going on in their lives and it positions students to embrace positivity, to embrace gratitude as a way of life. That’s a win-win in my book. I remember the first time I asked my students in class, “what’s new and good?” They looked at me with baffled expressions. So, I explained, “I’m asking what is new in your life that you are happy about and grateful for.” In the beginning, they had difficulty coming up with an answer. I patiently waited while they scrambled to think of anything that was good. As this persisted over a few weeks, some would even say to me, “you’re […]

Living an Authentic Life: A Tribute to Teresa Revisited

By Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE Teachers are everywhere. One doesn’t need a doctoral degree to acquire wisdom nor dispense it. And for certain, some of the most important life lessons are taught outside of classrooms. I’ve learned some important lessons from an extraordinary person, a teacher about life. When I first wrote this article a year and a half ago, I had just come home from my sister-in-law, Teresa’s funeral. She was a person who lived vibrantly and taught me much. For 20 years, we marveled about being married to Beischel men, told stories about our children, sought advice from one another and laughed about our ever-changing hairstyles – color and all. My heart was heavy. I’d lost the mother of my beautiful nieces, the wife of my gentle brother-in-law, and the aunt who was ever-ready to laugh with my children. Teresa was just 53 years young. My thoughts are filled with Teresa this week, her birthday week. As I’ve reflected this week on what I’ve learned from having known and loved this woman, it came to me. These are strategies for living an authentic life. A life that has meaning. 10 Strategies on Living an Authentic Life 1. INDIVIDUALITYTeresa did not worry about what others thought. She would laugh when I expressed worries about trivial […]

WARNING: Immediate student rescue impedes learning

By Kelly Beischel, PhD, RN, CNE She asked me. “How will they benefit?” And I thought “Quit with the freaking questions and just give me the answer, dammit!” And then I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. I laughed so loud that my dog looked at me and slunk away. Let me explain… I’m in a solo-preneur Facebook group where we often help one another when we’re stuck or are blocked in our thinking. I was having a block in coming up with a cool title for my incivility teleseminar. So, I posted a request for help to name the teleseminar. Rather than giving me an answer, Christina, one of the members of this Facebook group relentlessly asked me questions about how the participants would benefit from attending the teleseminar, what would they gain from knowing the signs of bullying etc. I laughed at my “just give me the answer” response because Christina was simply doing her job as a coach, asking me questions until I gained clarity. That’s what teachers do too. We coach, right? We ask questions until students gain clarity. And then my next thought? “That is exactly what our students are thinking – if not saying.” “Just tell me already.” “Just give me the answer.” We’ve all heard it […]

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WARNING: Thoughts Become Things

By Kelly Beischel I love change. I love reading about it. I love listening to podcasts about it. I love learning about the neuroscience behind it. And yes, I love participating in it. Why is this important to me? Because I KNOW that thoughts become things. And if I don’t like my outcomes (things) I need to change my thoughts. I know this to be true only all of the time. I’ve experienced it myself at least 1,000 times. 🙂 I’ve also seen this phenomenon repeatedly play out with students, friends, and clients. Thoughts are like boomerangs. The thoughts you send out to the world are what you’ll get back. So take care of your thoughts. I teach my students this concerning testing. I tell them “If you think you are going to fail a test. You will.” And then we work together on changing their thoughts. If this sounds too woo-woo for you, please keep reading. It will all make sense. I promise. You see, our thoughts cause feelings to arise. These feelings guide our actions. Our actions determine our results. And then? Our results feed our thinking. And on it goes. The TRUTH: Our thoughts are everything. If we want new results, we must think new thoughts. It really is […]

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