What is good in your life?

I love beginning my coaching calls with this question as science shows gratitude can boost our immune system, decrease stress, depression and blood pressure while increasing positive mood, vitality and general well-being.

Do you know who is at the top of my gratitude list at this moment?

My energy coach, Darryl Stewart. **

He is an energy freedom technique (EFT) – tapping expert.

In fact, I have my NCLEX Coaching clients watch his videos to help them unblock their anxiety as well as procrastination. And he was generous enough to create a specific tapping video to help them with NCLEX testing. He is spectacular at what he does!

Beware: I am splaying it out here today.

Yesterday, Darryl and I worked on my need to be needed.

While I felt some shame around this need, after working with Darryl, I realize that I simply have a need for ‘Love and Belonging’, yes from good ole’ Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:)

When we got off our call, I began preparing my ‘Note from Kelly’. I planned to simply tell you that I was walking in my first Women’s March this coming Saturday before writing my ‘Thriving Idea’. And then it hit me.

My response to attending the event was a response born from the need to be needed.

You see, I had read about the Women’s March on Facebook. I had been generically asked to attend. And I wanted to go but was hesitant to commit. I didn’t know why I was hesitating except out of fear of being by myself – you know the feeling, right? The odd woman out surrounded by a sea of women with their group of besties beside them.

And then a friend, a person I admire, personally (through Facebook) invited me. I immediately responded with a yes. And then wondered what brought about the turn around because I didn’t think we would be walking together in the March.

I now realize that with that invitation, I felt like I belonged. That I was needed.

My question to you:

How many times have you wanted someone to attend an event with you but didn’t ask for fear of rejection?

How many times have you needed help but didn’t ask?

I encourage you to ask.

We all have love and belonging needs and for various reasons those needs aren’t always met.

Given that the need for love and belonging is a human condition, I bet you will find people saying, “yes” more than you think.

And the best part? You will be lighting them up from within.

Can you imagine the rise in human potential if we let go of our fear of rejection and fulfill one another’s need for love and belonging?

People want to feel needed. They want to belong.

Let them know they are needed, that they belong.


** PS More about Darryl Stewart: He helps entrepreneurs have safe, stable and sustainable 6 Figure businesses. Darryl focuses on helping people who experience anxiety, PTSD, stress and overwhelm, and feel like a squirrel who is doing too much.